I thought it would be interesting to interview an IT person and get their views on how to best utilize a Digital Copier since scanning capability opens a lot of doors into different software applications. I chose Danny Munoz of River City IT because prior to starting his own IT company he had an extensive background in copiers.

As you would expect, he has a software vantage point to what a copier can do for a user. Most people in the copier industry have a hardware viewpoint which is very paper centric and not always best for the user. A lot of copier companies want to create a lot of copies and prints to keep the maintenance agreements profitable. A software orientation will lessen the copy/print volume and put more of those pages into a digital format.

However, just because the copier sales rep said a digital copier can help you go ‘paperless’ doesn’t mean it’s as simple as that. According to Danny, a copier simply converts paper to digital. It then takes software to index and organize the information so that it can be retrieved later. He went onto say that the value of selecting the correct software program is that it allows the user ‘to modify the scanned image.’ Examples of software that can do this can be found on his web page

He also advises that the user not buy the software from the hardware company. It’s Danny’s opinion that many of the software offerings from the copier manufacturers are under featured whereas software offerings from a software company will be a better deal. In future blogs I’ll interview Danny Munoz of River City IT for specific examples.

Danny suggests consulting with a software company along with the hardware company before making the copier purchase to prevent buying too much hardware. Once they understand the application they are trying to accomplish they can ‘right size’ the copier purchase.

That’s one of the advantages of getting a late model used copier from Austin Used Copiers. These three year old copiers are about 25% or the original MSRP which makes them affordable and the scanning drivers work with all the new Operating Systems. Next week I’ll ask Danny for Software programs that copier users should look into to get the most value out of their digital copier.

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