A lot of copier buyers want to their used copiers to scan and eventually go paperless. Many are considering putting this on the Cloud. I would like to point out a few issues here. The first issue is how to go paperless. The copier can’t do that by itself. To truly go paperless one has to invest in software so documents can be indexed; archived; and easily retrieved. This requires software not connected to the copier company. You simply use the copier to scan into the software. I will mention of few of my favorites.

Treeno is at the top of the list because of it’s open architecture and simplicity. It can work with your existing programs. There is nothing proprietary about it. According to Danny Munoz of River City IT in Austin the prices start at $50 per month and go up from there depending on the number of seats. According to him, this is one of the best values out there.

Another one he likes is Paperwise which is more Windows based. Again, compared to the others it has a reasonable cost and a wide range of prices depending on the number of seats. There is Sharepoint, Microsoft’s entry into this growing market. River City IT supports all three of these programs and you can go to their website for more details;

Like most software companies, a lot of this stuff is migrating to the Cloud. Cloud Computing seems to be this years buzzwork. However, Danny cautions that company information planted in the Cloud is vulnerable. Sony’s information has been breached twice lately. We all read about’s Cloud service being down for a few days recently. Many businesses rent Cloud space from’s robust data center.

I mention this about cloud computing because if you want to go paperless the company information needs to be stored somewhere if not in the traditional paper filing cabinets. My feeling about this is that modern day criminals are ‘licking their chops’ at Cloud Computing. Every week we read about a credit card company or large well known company being hacked and company information stolen. So you may want to keep the scanned company information on the server at your place of business.

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