There is a convergence taking place with three fast moving currents; Cloud Computing; Mobile Printing; and the desire to go Paperless. The office copier which is now referred to as an MFP is the Gateway for this because it has a high speed reliable scanner at the top. Scanning has become the most popular feature on today’s MFPs (copiers). Following is a brief overview of these three fast moving currents.

Cloud computing recognizes the dominance of the Internet for everything including printing and scanning. Cloud computing is a way for businesses to save money by increasing and decreasing computing as their needs change. The computing infrastructure is in the sky on the internet. You will be renting capacity from the company providing the cloud computing instead of buying a lot of hardware and software for copier repair.

The scanner on top the copier is one of the ways of sending information to the cloud so it can be accessed from any authorized employee regardless of where they’re located. No more faxing or mailing documents back and forth. The employee reads it and decides whether to print it. If the employee is mobile they can still print it.

When people hear mobile employees they think laptops, Ipads, and smart phones Many companies including Google are providing the ability to print from a mobile device to the office copier. Google calls their program Google Cloud Print. Kyocera, one of our main suppliers, calls theirs HYPASS. Give us a call and we can help you set this up and also help with Austin copier repair service.

Just about everybody who gets a copier and copiers repair from us wants scanning set up as quickly as possible. They indicate a goal of eventually going paperless. Again, the Automatic Document Feed on top of the copier will do the Scanning to make this possible. Fortunately, most copier scanners are rugged and can handle junk originals such as stuff that was folded in thirds in the envelope. They can also scan both sides of the original.

However, like before the copier is simply the Gateway. You will need some good software to go paperless. One of our favorites that we install with River City IT as a partner is Treeno. Treeno is simple to use and works with any operating system. It puts the scanned documents where you can easily find them later. It’s all electronic; no more trips to the file room.

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