I’ve been selling used austin copiers a long time, since 1973. A lot has changed. In the old days color copiers were a lot more expensive and complicated. Then the price differential between black only and color got within range of each other. At that point, certain businesses who did a lot of color printing and copying could justify the extra expenditure.

We specialize in late model used copiers and my wholesale cost between used color and black only copiers has just about disappeared. I’m still kind of amazed by this but it means we can pass on the savings. I actually got a call from some guy in Alabama wanting me to sell him one of these refurbished color copiers. I encouraged him to buy locally so he could get service. He said my price was way below everybody else’s.

The other big advantage to refurbished copiers austin and other color copiers is now that there’s price parity with black only copiers is color scanning. A lot of the black only copiers can only scan in black. Many of our prospects are more interested in color scanning than color copies. The other advantage of going with a used color copier is the black in now the same cost as a black only copier on a maintenance/supply agreement.

What’s the advantage of getting a new color copier? Sometimes I wonder. Our refurbished color copiers are usually about 25% of original MSRP so there’s a significant cost savings. Even on a lease it means you only have to commit for 3 years instead of 5 years. Most vendors pushing new copiers try to stretch out the financing to five years to make the payments affordable. Then they bump your service rates 10% per year. Five years is a long time, especially with the way technology is changing.

Is there a difference in copy quality between new and used copiers austin. Not really. We sell both new and used and when a used color copier is refurbished properly with new drums you can’t tell the difference. Plus it seems like some of the new models are not built as well. By that I mean more plastic. I think manufacturers are doing that instead of raising prices which means some three to four year old color copiers are probably built better than the new models. An example of that would be HP printers. Remember how reliable they were in the old days.

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