My intention is not to bash companies promoting print management. Many companies have benefited from print management Below are a few items for your consideration though. Are you a stickler for using genuine HP supplies? Once you’ve entered into a Print Management Program you may find out the new vendor is now using compatible toner or recharged cartridges instead of genuine HP supplies. A lot of customers don’t care but some do once they purchase from used copiers austin.

Do you expect your HP printers to always be fixed? Again, once you’ve entered into a Print Management Program you may find that broken HP printers are replaced rather than fixed with brands other than HP. Why would the new vendor do this? Because other printers such as Kyocera used copiers have a much lower supply cost. This increases profits for the new vendor who has based the whole contract on a cost per print.

Do you like long term contracts? Many people don’t mind signing a three year contract because it will eventually end and then they can shop around and make sure they’re getting the best deal. However, if you make changes in volume and adjust the contract accordingly you may have unwittingly begun a new three year contract. So be careful when you agree to frequent changes in the contract because you may find yourself in a contract that never seems to end. It keeps renewing with each change.

So what’s the bottom line here? Well, certainly the new vendor has a right to make a profit and hopefully you realize the benefits that were in the original sales proposal. However, the vendor is hoping to increase his profits and you just need to make sure it isn’t at your expense. If you are okay with the three changes I mentioned above then there’s nothing to worry about.

If you haven’t been approached about one of these new Print Management Programs you will be unless you’re a really small company. The reason is that the copier business is flat and not growing. Capturing print service and supplies is seen as a growth area for Austin used copiers.

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