I will attempt to discuss some new trends without sounding like an advertisement. All of the improvements with new copiers are now filtering down to the used market where we typically take a lease return; refurbish it; and sell/lease it for about 25% of original MSRP.

Trend #1 Color is now available on Black only copiers. This is getting popular. More people are wanting to scan color but don’t need a color copier because they already have a good color printer. Plus scanners on copiers can feed junk originals reliably. Try that on the Office Depot special you bought for your home.

Trend #2 Printing from Mobile Devices. We all know that Tablet computers and Smart phones are gaining in popularity. Copier manufacturers are now providing free or inexpensive software for printing from these new devices.

Trend #3 Lower Prices. Blame it on the recession but we’ve noticed it’s easier to negotiate deals with the wholesalers who buy lease returns in bulk. We resellers then buy the ones with low meters and refurbish them to bring them up to new machine standards.

Trend #4 Better Color Quality. I’m not sure why but you can see the difference in color quality with the naked eye. In my opinion the latest used copiers provide the same copy/print quality that you get from the brand new ones.

Trend #5 Lower Meters. Businesses are scanning more and copying less. It is getting much easier to find low metered lease returns these days. It’s like getting a used car with only 20K on the odometer.

Trend #6 Better Reliability. Since there hasn’t been any revolutionary ideas in copiers for a long time the manufacturers seem content to just keep refining what they already have. Each new generation has all the service updates so the late model used copiers we sell today are more reliable resulting in less service calls. It’s also getting easier for techs to work on them as the innards of the copier go more modular.

In summary, a shrewd business person can save a lot of money by getting a used copier that’s only one generation back and protecting it with a maintenance agreement.

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