I realize that you don’t want to become a printer or copy shop and that your current business keeps you hopping.  However, if you’re like most businesses you have a need for color but you don’t know if it justifies trading in your current black and white copier for a new or used color MFP.  Copiers are now called MFPs because they also print, scan, and fax.

So, how do you make money off of a color copier.  Well, the first thing is a get a late model used color copier with a low copy count.  They are often a fraction of the original retail price.  Then you need to unplug all those ‘gas guzzlin’ inkjet printers.  I suspect that some manufacturers are using invisible ink because they are always running out.  You also need to bring some of your color work inhouse.  Not everything needs to be brochure quality.  You’d be surprised what the new color MFPs can do.  They even sell magazine type paper to run in them.  Have a copier rep stop by to do a free analysis to see what can be brought inhouse.

Now for an idea you may not of considered.  Share your leased color copier with your neighbors for a price lower than what the stores charge.  Stores charge $.39 plus and it’s a long drive to get there.  Your cost on a color copier  maintenance agreement with toner  included is $.08per color page.  So charge them a price above that and below $.39 and you both win.

So let’s put all the pieces together.  Get a recent lease return which is usually about 25% or original MSRP.  Lease it with a $1 purchase option.  And tell surrounding businesses they can use yours for $.25 per page.  Another bonus is that color scanning is free to you.  More and more businesses want to do color scanning and most businesses don’t have that capability.  I was in a UPS store yesterday and saw a sign that said Scan to Email $5.  You shouldn’t have any problem beating that price if you want to charge for scans as well.

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