One of the tricks to eliminating service calls is to reboot your copier;  just like you do with your PC or cell phone.  If you have a service code or scanning doesn’t seem to work like normal, turn off the copier and then turn it on.

However, there is a correct way to do this.  The power button on the control panel should be activated first.  This reseats the HDD.  Then find the main power off button on the back or side.  Turn the copier off and wait about 10 seconds before turning it back on.  Since copiers are so electronic this little procedure can clear up some problems.  I do that all the time with my Android phone.  If it’s acting up, I take the battery our and re-insert and presto;  it’s working again.

The other new issue is when to call copier service or when to call IT.  I remember this confusion back when people started buying their phones in the 80’s.  Up until then, ATT took care of everything.

A lot of the calls we field are connectivity related.  So first ask yourself if any changes were made with passwords;  or internet;  or server.  Many scanning problems with the copier should be directed to IT first or turn the copier off then on as described above.

The final thing to check is when you are having copy quality problems.  If you get a line when you copy but not when you are printing you need to clean the slit glass.  Lift the automatic document feed out of the way and you will see the large surface of glass and a smaller piece of glass;  long and thin.  That is the slit glass and it is probably dirty.  Clean it with a glass cleaner and run something through the document feed.  The line should be gone. If not, call service.

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