Today’s copiers come with a lot of free software applications.  For years copier buyers have been asked the same questions:  what is your desired speed and what hardware features are you looking for.  Many copier buyers simply used the previous copier as a benchmark and quoted those specs as a benchmark.

The digital conversion gave users the ability to print and scan but now there’s even greater choices.  I will give you one example since the list is extensive and constantly growing.  Ricoh color copiers now have the ability to control who is authorized to make color pages.  The Ricohs can even be programmed to limit the usage of color to discourage wastage.

Today, most people are looking for color and because the cost of producing a color page is much more than a black & white page there is a concern for wastage.  For example, is an employee going to be tempted to do some personal printing at work to avoid the high cost of their inkjet printer at home.   This is one of the things our IT person does when we install a new copier for someone.

To find out about these features call us and we will evaluate your needs and email you a free quote.  Having us install these features for you at installation saves you a lot of money since we don’t charge for the IT person to customize an installation.  We realize that most people are too busy to set up software applications like the one described above.  Also, many outside IT people are unfamiliar with these new applications that are manufacturer specific.

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