Most people buy or lease a copier with the expectation of printing and scanning.  Now that PC users are migrating to Windows 8 and MAC users are getting 10.9.4 you need to know that a lot of older copiers will not have Scan Drivers available.  You may have standardized on Windows 7 or XP and assume it’s not important but the first time you replace a PC or hire someone and outfit them with a PC you will only be offered Windows 8.1.  Only new copiers and late model used copiers will have scan drivers.


Used Photocopiers Austin TXIt isn’t Microsoft’s fault.  The fault is with the copier manufacturers who don’t want to go to the expense of developing drivers for older models when the population is shrinking and they would prefer people upgrade.  Also, older copiers print certain things really slow.  Late model used copiers, like new copiers, will print PDF attachments much quicker.


So, why am I bringing this up?  You may be looking a used copier with a low meter at a great price.  It’s unlikely you will know the true age of the copier though.  If the previous owner says it’s 5 years old you need to know if they bought it new or used.  If they bought it used then the copier is probably ten years old.


The age of the copier is just as important as the meter count and price.  Call us for advice on this matter even if you’re eyeballing a copier from someone else.  As experts in this field we know the copiers history and if it was a stinker when it was new it will also be a stinker used.  There’s no way you will know this unless you are in the business.


Call Terry at 512-765-5343 and let me know what computer operating system you are using and I can give you free advice.  We sell used copiers only one generation old so that scan drivers are readily available for free on the internet.

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