Think twice before you buy a copier off the internet because you will need a service relationship with a local dealer.  Lately, I’ve been getting calls from people who  bought a used copier off the internet and they can’t get anybody to service it locally.  The vendor in MD or MN or wherever usually says, “don’t worry about getting service locally;  just get out your local phone book.”


Buying a Used CopierWell in an ideal world that would probably work but not in a lot of cases.  Sometimes the copiers arrive with some damage or they have a spotty reliability reputation.  The guy in MD or CA isn’t going to loose sleep over that;  you are.  I buy books over the internet but I’m not going to buy something that requires service locally and you should do the same when it comes with copiers and here’s why.


Used copiers usually work out but not always.  If you bought the used copier locally there’s always a Plan B or solution because there’s no place for the owner of the copier company to hide.  He lives in Austin.  Also, if there are service problems there is incentive for the local copier company to work it out since they have a maintenance agreement with you.


Always buy maintenance agreements with used copiers.  You need that insurance since you don’t know the history of the copier.  I can assure you that people who buy used copiers off the internet are going to have some trouble buying a maintenance agreement locally. They may be able to get service on a per call basis but no with a maintenance agreement.  First of all, the local dealer will resent the fact that you didn’t buy from him.  Secondly, it’s  probably not the brand and model number he/she would’ve sold you so you’re asking him to work on a copier without him knowing what went into the reconditioning process if anything.


Often times, internet companies buy cheap machines which are cheap because of a spotty reputation or there’s a lot of copies/prints on the meter already.  That’s not always the case but I am basing this on my recent experience with frustrated buyers phoning around trying to get service or some connectivity help setting up scanning.


The safest thing to do is buy the used copier locally with a maintenance/supply agreement.  Just show them the internet price and allow the local dealer to do an ‘apples to apples’ price comparison.

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