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In the old days a used copier was almost always cheaper than new.   Now, that’s not always the case and I’m not talking about the store bought machines with the expensive supplies.  Those machines only make sense for the home if the volume is very low.   If you don’t need 11 x 17 and stapling but need commercial grade reliability and features;  than new might be cheaper.  This has launched the A4 copier category which is a step above stores but not large and expensive like the traditional office copier.  Again, these are not high volume MFPs and the supplies are cheaper than stores but more per page than the larger copiers.   If that is the case, a good website is where you can see examples of the smaller commercial grade copiers.  A3 simply means they can do 11 x 17 as well as letter and legal.   A late model refurbished MFP makes sense at higher volumes because of the cheaper supplies.  Also, larger copiers tend to offer extra … [Read more...]