Discontinued Canon clc5151 photocopierThe other day a prospect said that he wanted to compare “apples to apples”  with the various quotes he was gathering.  I’ve heard that before so I didn’t dwell on it.  However, later it occurred to me that’s hard to do that with used copiers because the introduction date of the copier is critical.  Do you think it’s better to buy a 3 year old copier with 300,000 on the meter or a 5 year old copier with 200,000 on the meter.  The answer is a 3 year old copier and the rest of the blog explains why.  The ideal situation is a 3 year old copier with 200,000 on the meter but that’s the subject of a future blog.

Most people would approach the above question as if they were buying a car but with copiers that’s not so.  You always need to be aware of the availability and compatibility of print/scan drivers for your computer Operating System.  Windows 7 works with everything but you’ll eventually get Windows 8 or 10 and scan drivers may be unavailable for the used copier you bought.  Or it may be too old for Gmail.  Or it may not work with mobile devices.  Many of the older copiers can’t print from or scan to USB which people now expect to be able to do.

Most Google searches don’t reveal the age of the used copiers you’re considering.  You have to call people like us who have reference books with that data.  Then you need to call your IT person to see about compatibility with your current computer network.  For example, you may be wireless but the used copier you buy is too old to be wireless.

So whether you buy from us or not I would be happy to answer those type questions.  You can call or email and in a few minutes I can look it up.


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