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I wanted to point out a few things you should be aware of that could be costly mistakes. One is the risk of buying a used copier out of state over the internet. These sellers are usually not authorized on any particular brand and they tell you to just call a local dealer if there’s any problems or if you want a service contract. Well, the reality is a little different than that. The local authorized servicing dealers will usually not cooperate with used machines sold by unauthorized dealers from another state or city. Recently, there was a seller of a canon copier from California who was having a hard time finding someone in Austin to service a sale he just delivered and the copier kept jamming. I could tell because every day or two I would get a call from him. Even if he finds an unauthorized dealer to work on it there’s no guarantee that the service will be competent or what the local company will charge. Since the local company didn’t get the sale to begin with the service … [Read more...]