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What do I mean by that. The used copier you buy will also be your printer and scanner. As new operating systems are introduced by Microsoft and Apple not all copier manufacturers bother to make drivers available for printing and scanning. Why would they do that? Two reasons. First, it may be an older copier that the copier manufacturer doesn’t even make parts for anymore. Like a car company, they usually stop supporting a model after about seven years. Aftermarket companies still make some parts but not all of the parts. So the copier manufacturer puts their focus on supporting the newer models, similar to a car company. A copier manufacturer will not bother making scan drivers or print drivers for models that have a small population. Some models didn’t sell well or are old enough that most users have upgraded. There’s no financial incentive for the copier manufacturer to develop drivers for that. Without drivers there’s no printing and scanning unless you figure out a work … [Read more...]