Used CopiersThe answer to that is obvious but I want to get into a little more detail about the answer.  Here are some things to consider.  Let’s begin with the meter reading on the copier.  That is just as important as the age of the copier.  A copier with a high meter is worn out so try to find the low metered stuff.  The only exception to this rule is on larger copiers.  There, a meter under a million might be considered good whereas on a smaller type office copier that would be way too much.  Call us if you want some free advice on that.

The second important thing is age.  Copiers lose value quickly with age.  Why?  Because people primarily want to print and scan.  What is too old?  It depends on your computer operating system.  For example, if you are using Windows 8.1 you should go online and see if print and scan drivers are available.  If not, the copier/MFP is too old.  Too old also means no one will give you a maintenance agreement on it.  Copier manufacturers like everybody else quit supporting a model with parts after about seven years.  The exception to that would be consumables such as toner, drums, rollers, etc.  Things that wear out with usage and can easily be replaced.

The third thing is serviceability.  Can you get service on the used copier?  There are a few models where this is an issue.  Most copier dealers won’t work on Xerox.  Not because Xerox is bad but because nobody can get parts and service manuals except for Xerox.  That means you will pay a lot for service since Xerox is your only choice.  There are other examples but it would take up too much space to cover them all.

The safest way is to buy a used copier locally and get a maintenance agreement on it from the same company.  That way you can hold their feet to the fire should there be any problems.  I can assure you that when buy a used copier off the internet there is a near 0 chance of a legitimate copier dealer willing to give you a good deal on service because they weren’t the ones who refurbished it if it was refurbished at all.  So whatever you saved, you end spending upfront for service once it gets here assuming that there is no shipping damage.

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