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If I take my car to the authorized automobile dealer where I bought it for an oil change or whatever they will do a firmware update for free while it’s there so the car is up to date and more reliable.  That’s because cars are very electronic. Authorized Copier/MFP dealers do the same thing because firmware updates eliminate present and future problems.  That’s because the print/scan environment is dynamic with a constant flow of new operating systems, apps and security updates.  Firmware updates adapt to these. That would make an authorized dealer for copiers/MFPs your best choice for a used one.  Even though we advertise used copiers through this website we are authorized to sell new copiers/MFPs as well.  That gives us access to tech support and firm ware updates from the manufacturers even if someone buys a used copier from us. You don’t get this from a company that sells used only.  Manufacturers don’t support the used market and used copier/MFP dealers but they do … [Read more...]