If I take my car to the authorized automobile dealer where I bought it for an oil change or whatever they will do a firmware update for free while it’s there so the car is up to date and more reliable.  That’s because cars are very electronic.

Authorized Copier/MFP dealers do the same thing because firmware updates eliminate present and future problems.  That’s because the print/scan environment is dynamic with a constant flow of new operating systems, apps and security updates.  Firmware updates adapt to these.

used-copierThat would make an authorized dealer for copiers/MFPs your best choice for a used one.  Even though we advertise used copiers through this website we are authorized to sell new copiers/MFPs as well.  That gives us access to tech support and firm ware updates from the manufacturers even if someone buys a used copier from us.

You don’t get this from a company that sells used only.  Manufacturers don’t support the used market and used copier/MFP dealers but they do support their new copier/MFP dealers who also sell used in addition to new.  That’s an important distinction.  I know this from experience.  Many years I go I was used only and it was almost impossible for me to get the firmware from the manufacturers to solve certain customer problems. Plus we never had access to tech support from the manufacturers.

In the old days this wasn’t as important but now all the changes are software related so tech support and access to updated firmware from the manufacturers is really important for both new and used copiers/MFPs.  I would strongly suggest that you get a maintenance agreement when you buy or lease a used copier.  Businesses with maintenance agreements call when there’s a problem.  Businesses without will sometimes not call to try and save money but then the problem can compound itself and become worse and more expensive later.  The copier/MFP will last longer if you have a maintenance agreement.

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