If I take my car to the authorized automobile dealer where I bought it for an oil change or whatever they will do a firmware update for free while it’s there so the car is up to date and more reliable.  That’s because cars are very electronic. Authorized Copier/MFP dealers do the same thing because firmware updates eliminate present and future problems.  That’s because the print/scan environment is dynamic with a constant flow of new operating systems, apps and security updates.  Firmware updates adapt to these. That would make an authorized dealer for copiers/MFPs your best choice for a used one.  Even though we advertise used copiers through this website we are authorized to sell new copiers/MFPs as well.  That gives us access to tech support and firm ware updates from the manufacturers even if someone buys a used copier from us. You don’t get this from a company that sells used only.  Manufacturers don’t support the used market and used copier/MFP dealers but they do … [Read more...]


Here is some important advice before you buy a used copier.  Google your computer operating system with the MFP you are thinking about buying to make sure the drivers are available.  For example. “Windows 10 drivers for Konica C284 MFP”.  You want to see print and scan drivers that you can click on and download.  If not, you are wasting your money. I had a call from someone the other day who bought a really old copier only to find out that the copier manufacturer no longer supports the newer operating systems from Apple and Microsoft for that model.  He wasted his money.  Since most people buy or lease used copiers with the intention to print and scan this must not be overlooked. A lot of times the really cheap used copiers are old or have high meters.  We try to sell and lease late model used copiers so that there is a large enough population in the field so that the manufacturers will continue to support them with new drivers. If you have any questions about this contact us … [Read more...]


Even though we carefully screen the used copiers we sell as to age and meter readings we don’t know the history of the copier from the previous user.  We resellers buy used copiers from wholesalers who buy used copiers in bulk from leasing companies. We always refurbish the copiers and bring them up to new machine standards but still, the safest bet is to discuss the cost of a maintenance agreement when considering the cost of the used copier.  Ideally have the maintenance agreement included in the lease purchase of the copier.  That way you don’t have to worry about price increases on the maintenance agreement during the typically 39 month lease purchase. A good target price is not to pay more than $.015 per black page and not more than $.08 per color page.  That includes parts, labor and supplies.  If you have any questions about this blog call us. … [Read more...]


The first thing is to look at the meter.  Try to buy something under 200K if you can.  300K is okay for certain models.  Be skeptical if someone can’t tell you the meter.  Also remember, you want the total meter.  The total meter adds the copies to the prints to the faxes.  If in doubt call us and we’ll tell you how to get the meter. The second thing is the age of the copier.  It it’s too old it won’t work with the newer operating systems from Microsoft and apple.  You won’t be using window 7 forever so keep this in mind.  It can be frustrating to set up a new computer with windows 8 or 10 only to find out you can’t scan with the copier.  What’s too old.  Try to buy something less than 5 years old if you can.  Will the seller tell you the true age?  Not always.  This is sometimes difficult to determine so call us and we can look it up for you. The third thing is you want everything to work.  The best way to do that is to get some kind of maintenance agreement from the seller.  … [Read more...]


It’s important to make sure drivers are available when you buy a used copier.  It does no good to get a bargain on a used copier and then not be able to find a scan driver for it.  Always go to the manufacturer’s website for downloading drivers. My technicians tell me that it’s easy to pick up a virus if you go to the wrong place for downloading drivers so it’s really important to go the official site of that brand of copier.  When you Google something like “drivers for Konica C360 color MFP” it should have Konica USA at the top of the list on page one.  It would be the same for Kyocera, Sharp, etc.  That’s the website to click on. If you still can’t find the driver give us a call.  The used copier maybe too old.  We get calls from people who picked up a bargain at an auction not realizing it is fifteen years old and not practical for printing and scanning in today’s connected environment.  Apple recently released Yosemite and Windows 10 comes out July 29th so it’s really … [Read more...]


The answer to that is obvious but I want to get into a little more detail about the answer.  Here are some things to consider.  Let’s begin with the meter reading on the copier.  That is just as important as the age of the copier.  A copier with a high meter is worn out so try to find the low metered stuff.  The only exception to this rule is on larger copiers.  There, a meter under a million might be considered good whereas on a smaller type office copier that would be way too much.  Call us if you want some free advice on that. The second important thing is age.  Copiers lose value quickly with age.  Why?  Because people primarily want to print and scan.  What is too old?  It depends on your computer operating system.  For example, if you are using Windows 8.1 you should go online and see if print and scan drivers are available.  If not, the copier/MFP is too old.  Too old also means no one will give you a maintenance agreement on it.  Copier manufacturers like everybody else quit … [Read more...]


What do I mean by that. The used copier you buy will also be your printer and scanner. As new operating systems are introduced by Microsoft and Apple not all copier manufacturers bother to make drivers available for printing and scanning. Why would they do that? Two reasons. First, it may be an older copier that the copier manufacturer doesn’t even make parts for anymore. Like a car company, they usually stop supporting a model after about seven years. Aftermarket companies still make some parts but not all of the parts. So the copier manufacturer puts their focus on supporting the newer models, similar to a car company. A copier manufacturer will not bother making scan drivers or print drivers for models that have a small population. Some models didn’t sell well or are old enough that most users have upgraded. There’s no financial incentive for the copier manufacturer to develop drivers for that. Without drivers there’s no printing and scanning unless you figure out a work … [Read more...]


I wanted to point out a few things you should be aware of that could be costly mistakes. One is the risk of buying a used copier out of state over the internet. These sellers are usually not authorized on any particular brand and they tell you to just call a local dealer if there’s any problems or if you want a service contract. Well, the reality is a little different than that. The local authorized servicing dealers will usually not cooperate with used machines sold by unauthorized dealers from another state or city. Recently, there was a seller of a canon copier from California who was having a hard time finding someone in Austin to service a sale he just delivered and the copier kept jamming. I could tell because every day or two I would get a call from him. Even if he finds an unauthorized dealer to work on it there’s no guarantee that the service will be competent or what the local company will charge. Since the local company didn’t get the sale to begin with the service … [Read more...]


I just read an article in the Wall Street Journal how more workers are going mobile and using tablets and smartphones instead of PCs. Getting a free app can allow them to print from their mobile devices when at the office to the MFP. Let me give you an example of this. If you bought or leased a used Konica copier/MFP from us you would go to their Pagescope section and download the mobile printing app which is free. If you need help with this call us and we can talk you through the process. This mobile printing app is available from all the manufacturers or you can just google the search term “mobile printing from a …………….MFP”. The only exception to this might be copiers that are too old. There are many apps and mobile printing is just one popular example. So don’t feel like you are limited to the small printer on somebody’s desk with it’s expensive cartridges when you need to print from a mobile device. Again, call us if you need help and we’ll coach you through the … [Read more...]


When buying a used copier to save money you want to get as close to new as you can in order to take advantage of print and scan drivers as new operating systems come out from Microsoft and Apple. There’s also new apps for mobile printing and wireless. So how do you do that and what should you look for. The most important criteria is the meter reading. Similar to a car; the meter tells you how much more life you can expect. For example, most copiers are built to go to a million. Larger copiers are built to go to two or three million and beyond. When in doubt make sure you get a maintenance agreement with your purchase or lease of a refurbished copier. Another thing to consider is fatigue. Even though a copier is built to go to a million it is getting worn out at 500,000 (except for certain models). It’s like a car; most cars will go to 200,000 but service calls start to mount after 100,000 (some exceptions of course). So the lower the meter the better. I try to buy used copiers … [Read more...]