Affordable Copier Leasing and Rental


Customer-friendly leasing

We use a customer-friendly leasing company with zero down and a $1 end purchase option.  That way you don’t have to worry about an automatic renewal, which many leasing companies utilize.

Flexible purchase terms

We offer several ways to acquire your copier. You can purchase, use the copier rental/lease program, or put it on a credit card. You will not be asked to buy anything until you are completely happy with the copier.

Copier service guaranty

If you have a service agreement with us and a service issue can’t be resolved, we will replace the copier with a like model at no cost to you. This service guaranty is for a full 3 years.

Upgrade your copy machine any time

You can upgrade whenever you want on the three-year Copier Rental/Lease Program. Check out our used copier inventory. So, if your needs change, no problem – just call us at 512-765-5343.